Maids to Measure dresses now available to buy online!

Posted by Sophie - 15th March 2017

We have nearly been a stockist of the Maids to Measure bridesmaids dresses for a year now and I have finally got round to popping them onto the website so you can get your hands on them online!

It is a real treat to come in to the Harrogate store and try them on with your bestie bridesmaids and enjoy a glass of fizz at one of our appointments but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Now you can view the entire range of Maids to Measure dresses from the comfort of your own home and purchase them without having to leave the sofa! Then you can put a big fat tick next to bridesmaids dresses and move onto the next bit of wedmin on the list.

Each of the Maids to measure dresses are available in all the stock colours online and you can use our size guide to take your own measurements too!

Have a look at the beautiful Maids to Measure current collection here. The Amy,Regent, Peony, Penelope,Lisette, Soho, Cambridge, Imperial and Charlotte are all available to buy online and we are cheaper the John Lewis too!

You can always get in touch if you have any questions too and we can easily send you a sample of any of the fabrics!

Or feel free to book in for an appointment too!

Lots of Love

Sophie x