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  • 10% off Bridesmaid dresses using promo code MTM10 on checkout
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Pointing me in the right direction!

Posted by Sophie - 9th September 2016

It has been a very busy two and a half years for me! In February 2014 I opened the Harrogate shop, and by the following February 2015 I was married and had Bertie in my arms! By February 2016 the deckchair hire business was ticking over nicely and my Maids to Measure bridesmaids dress studio was ready to be opened downstairs!

So much change has happened over the last few years but what does seem to have remained constant is my love for Susi Bramall of Dottyfield.

I first came across her wonderful creative skills when I was trying to find a photographer for my wedding. I was completely distracted by the beautiful photos taken of her very own homemade rustic country festival inspired wedding I decided that was exactly how I wanted mine!  It turns out she had handmade everything from the hundreds of paper pom poms, homegrown flowers to the hand crafted headbands and chalk board signs.


Susi’s wedding was a massive inspiration to me whilst I tried to create my perfect day and whilst I am ok at decorating I have terrible handwriting and so I asked her to create some signage for my wedding.

The seemingly effortless combination of doodles and typography  in white chalk on a blackboard is in fact a work of art and an amazing skill of a very talented lady! I literally just gave her the words and she did the rest hitting the nail on the head every time!

As soon as I opened the shop she was my first point of call for creating the most important piece of signage, the “Open and Closed” Sign of course!



Since then Susi has made beautiful signs for my deckchair hire business and recently my maids to measure bridesmaids signage in the shop too!


Not only does she chalk wonderful creations for me but she has also done beautiful work for Slingsby’s gin, Spellow’s Shop and Sugarmouse Sweet shop too! Each time coming up with brand new ideas and designs but still keeping her identity and unique country edge and reflecting each individual small independent business.

How does she do it? With four children, pigs, chickens, dogs, a  house project and a dog I really have no idea how she squeezes the time in to create such perfect creations and a have a keen eye for detail too.

With the festival themed rustic wedding trend set to continue I am sure Susi will be in high demand for creating beautiful signs to guide guests to the marshmallows to toast, the jager bomb bar or even the photo booth so get in touch now if you are a bride to be or planning a party!

  •  Susi Bramall- Dottyfield
  • 07714 242903
  • dottyfield@googlemail.com

Whether I am sipping mojitos with her at a wedding fair or giving her a “Landie wave” as we pass each other on the country roads I always love catching up and running ideas past her too! If you like trying to catch your dreams  keep your eyes peeled for what we have up our sleeves in the next few months …….

Have a nice weekend

Sophie xx